Friday, June 20, 2008

Sicilian Beef and Rice

Instead of serving meat sauce with pasta, try this tasty variation that calls for rice.

1 package (16oz) frozen pepper and onion blend
1 teaspoon minced garlic
12oz ground beef round steak
2 cans (15 oz each) reduced-sodium tomato sauce
1 1/2 teaspoons dried basil leaves
1 1/2 teaspoons dried thyme leaves
salt and pepper. to taste
3 cups cooked long grain rice, warm
3 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese

1. Cook pepper and onion blend, garlic and ground beef in large saucepan over medium heat until beef is browned and onions are tender, about 6 minutes. Stir in tomato sauce and herbs; simmer, uncovered, until thickened, about 20 minutes. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
2. spoon mixture over rice and sprinkle with cheese. ENJOY!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Thai Chicken and Sugar Snap Peas

Here is the other recipe I tried:

Prep Time:10 min
Total Time:1 hr 25 min
Makes:4 servings

-3/4 cup SEVEN SEAS VIVA Italian Dressing, divided
-1 lb. boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into strips
-2 Tbsp. crunchy peanut butter
-2 Tbsp. honey
-2 Tbsp. soy sauce
-1/2 tsp. crushed red pepper
-1 bag (8 oz.) fresh sugar snap peas, rinsed, drained
-8 oz. thin spaghetti, cooked, drained ( I used WHOLE WHEAT and it tasted GREAT!)

POUR 1/4 cup of the dressing over chicken in medium bowl; toss to coat. Cover. Refrigerate 1 hour to marinate. Remove chicken from marinade; discard marinade.

MIX remaining 1/2 cup dressing, peanut butter, honey, soy sauce and crushed red pepper with wire whisk until well blended; set aside.

COOK and stir chicken in large skillet on medium-high heat 5 minutes. Add snap peas; cook and stir an additional 3 minutes or until chicken is cooked through. Remove skillet from heat. Add dressing mixture and spaghetti; toss lightly. Serve immediately. Or, cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.


Parmesan-Crusted Chicken in Cream Sauce

I have been trying out some new recipes lately and I am really loving everything I have made so far. I got this off the KRAFT website.

Prep Time:15 min
Total Time:30 min
Makes:4 servings

-2 cups instant brown rice, uncooked
-1 can (14 oz.) fat-free reduced-sodium chicken broth, divided
-6 RITZ Crackers, finely crushed
-2 Tbsp. KRAFT 100% Grated Parmesan Cheese
-4 small boneless skinless chicken breast halves (1 lb.)
-2 tsp. oil
-1/3 cup PHILADELPHIA Chive & Onion Light Cream Cheese Spread
-3/4 lb. asparagus spears, trimmed, steamed

COOK rice as directed on package, using 1-1/4 cups of the broth and 1/2 cup water.

MEANWHILE, mix cracker crumbs and Parmesan cheese on plate. Rinse chicken with cold water; gently shake off excess water. Dip chicken in crumb mixture, turning each piece over to evenly coat both sides. Discard any remaining crumb mixture.

HEAT oil in large nonstick skillet on medium heat. Add chicken; cook 5 to 6 min. on each side or until golden brown on both sides and cooked through (165°F). Place chicken on serving plate; cover to keep warm. Add remaining 1/2 cup broth and the cream cheese spread to skillet. Cook on medium heat just until mixture comes to boil, stirring constantly. Simmer 3 min. or until sauce is thickened, stirring frequently. Spoon sauce over chicken. Serve with the rice and asparagus.